MIDWEST SHOOTOUT (Chicagoland Area)


REGISTRATION FOR ALL COACHES/PLAYERS:  MUST check in at Woodlawn MS, 6362 Gilmer Rd, Long Grove, IL.  Must be done before your first game!  Plan to do this two hours before your first game!  Games on Saturday are at Lake Zurich HS (LZHS) and Woodlawn Middle School (WMS).  Sunday games are ALL at Lake Zurich HS.


  • Saturday 11:00am CT vs. The Athlete Within Select (TAW) (Lake Zurich HS - FH1)
  • Saturday 1:20pm CT vs. B&B Elite (Lake Zurich HS - FH1)
  • Saturday 4:30pm CT vs. Dane County Warriors (Lake Zurich HS - Tonnelli Gym)
  • Brackets:  Gold - Sun 11:30am (LZHS); Silver - Sun 11:30am (LZHS); Bronze - Sun 12:40pm (LZHS)


  • Saturday 12:10pm CT vs. Kessell Heat Blue (Lake Zurich HS - FH2)
  • Saturday 2:30pm CT vs. Full Package Dimitry (Lake Zurich HS - FH1)
  • Saturday 5:40pm CT vs. Mercury Elite Oliver (Lake Zurich HS - Tonneli Gym)
  • Brackets:  Gold - Sun 10:20am (LZHS); Silver - Sun 12:40pm (LZHS); Bronze - Sun 8:00am (LZHS)
  • 4th Place in the 4-team pool does not advance to Brackets


  • Saturday 3:20pm CT vs. TAW (The Athlete Within) (Woodlawn MS - 2)
  • Saturday 5:40pm CT vs. 815 Wolves Tucker  (Woodlawn MS - 1)
  • Brackets:  Gold - Sun 10:20am (LZHS); Silver - Sun 8:00am (LZHS); Bronze - Sun 8:00am (LZHS)
  • Guaranteed 2nd game on Sunday whether win or lose 1st game on Sunday 

LAKE ZURICH HS, 300 Church St, Lake Zurich, IL  

WOODLAWN MS, 6362 Gilmer Rd, Long Grove, IL  60047(Site of registration)