Create BBCS User Accounts

Athlete Registration Instructions

If the athlete is under the age of 18, the registration of the athlete in the Basketball Certification System (BBCS) should be completed by the athlete's parent or guardian.

  1. Navigate to the Basketball Certification System (BBCS) website (

  2. Press the "Register as a New User" button.

  3. Select "Athlete" from the "I am a" dropdown box.

  4. Enter the athlete's Name & Gender

  5. Press the "Add New Address" button.

  6. The athlete's eligibility to participate is dependent on the address type and address
    location(s) entered when creating the profile. It is possible to enter more than one address should the athlete meet the requirements to utilize a secondary address.

  7. The source of the address must be identified when the address is entered.

    Be aware that proof of residency documentation may be required by the NCAA Enforcement Certification
    Approval Group (ECAG); so, documentation may be required that validates the address is compliant with
    the minimum standard of residency requirements to utilize that address to participate with his/her team. This documentation would be provided to the coach who must upload it in the BBCS before the athlete can be added to the coach's BENCH of participants.

  8. Review saved address entries for accuracy.
    Once Submitted, edits CANNOT be made without contacting ECAG to make the changes (1-844-562-6201 or at

  9. Enter and confirm the athlete's/parent's email address. The email address entered is where important information related to the athlete's participation will be delivered. Remember this email address – it will be will be the username required to access the Basketball Certification System (BBCS).
    Note: If the parent is also a coach, the parent CANNOT use their email address on the athlete profile. The BBCS will only allow an email address to be utilized on one (1) account.

  10. Provide Phone Number. Indicate whether the number provided is in the US (Domestic) or a non-US (International); this will determine the format required in the phone number field.

  11. Create and confirm a password. Remember this password - it will be used to login to the BBCS.

  12. Confirm understanding of the acknowledgements by selecting all the checkboxes including the Terms of Use & Privacy Policy.

  13. Verify in the provided Captcha that a human being has created the profile by checking the I'm not a robot box.

14. The Submit button WILL NOT appear until all boxes are checked. Press the Submit button.


  1. Oncesubmitted,theBBCSwillsignoutoftheprofileandagreenbubble will appear indicating that the registration must be confirmed.

  2. Log into the email account that utilized on the BBCS profile during registration.

    Open the registration confirmation email and click on the Please click here to confirm your registration hyperlink.


17. Once that link is clicked, the account has been created.

The Athlete account has been created!

Be sure to complete the required educational course(s) and school information.

Be sure to complete the additional items requiring action listed within the

registration confirmation email.


Athletes' Required Educational Course to Participate Instructions

  1. Log into the Basketball Certification System website (

  2. Navigate to the Basic Information tab.

  3. Go to the My Course Information section.

  4. Click the hyperlink that appears there for ALL education provided. Each course hyperlink will route to an external page including a video, brochure, etc. of information the athlete needs to know.

  5. Review the information provided.

  6. Return to the BBCS profile and check the box next to "I certify that I have taken this course."

  7. The page will refresh and a record will reflect the course name and date in which the athlete reported completing the course.

    Completion of educational course is required before an adult user can add the athlete to a BENCH or team ROSTER for participation.

    Be sure to complete school information.

Athlete's School Information Instructions

  1. Navigate to the "School Information" tab

  2. Complete the school information fields
    Completion of school information is required before an Adult User (coach/event operator) can add the athlete to a BENCH or ROSTER for participation.

  3. Click the Save button.

    Required School Information has been completed!

    Be sure to lookout for alerts from coaches requesting permission to add the athlete to his/her team bench.

Responding to Bench Invitations - Athlete

Athletes will receive an email and an alert within the Basketball Certification System (BBCS) whenever a coach has attempted to add the athlete to his/her BENCH in the BBCS.

Email Notification of Bench Addition - Athlete

Online Notification of Bench Addition - Athlete

Alerts are visible by logging in online. Navigate to the ALERTS section.

The Clear Alert button can be used to remove any desired alerts to remove the clutter from the page (delete alerts that have already been read or to which the athlete has responded).

REMINDER - A coach cannot add the athlete to his/her BENCH unless the athlete has confirmed their registration by clicking the link in the BBCS generated registration confirmation email, completed required school information and confirmed completion of the required educational course(s) in BBCS.


Accept/Reject Bench Invitation - Athlete

Navigate to the My Teams Tab to view the invite and select either Accept or Reject to the BENCH invitation.

If the Reject button is selected, a message will appear requiring confirmation of the decision to reject the invite.

Once the invite has been rejected, it will no longer be accessible for the athlete. Additionally, the athlete's name will disappear from the coach's list of Sent invitations on his/her BENCH.

However, the coach can always send additional invitations to add the athlete to the BENCH again if necessary (rejected by mistake, changed their mind, etc.).

If the Accept button is selected, a message will appear and the coach's request will move from the My Pending Invitations section to the My Accepted Invitations section of page.

The athlete's status will be reflected as Accepted on the coach’s BENCH as well.

The coach will also receive an Alert of the athlete's acceptance or rejection of invitation. They WILL NOT be notified via email.

Responding to the bench invitation has been completed!

Be sure to continually check for new invites.